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In general, the automated tools should be the preferred method.

The manual methods are included for the sake of completeness, because some people prefer them and because sometimes - TINA (there is no alternative). As a passing observation if you were using entirely automated tools (freebsd-update and portsnap) you would not need be aware of this change - and might not even know about it. Note on Sloth: We generally follow the 'slothful' theory of OS maintenance.

To find paths to other repositories you can checkout see the Free BSD viewvc pages, here

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By default, the adapter auto-negotiates the speed and duplex of the connection.Thanks to this all it takes to update the Free BSD source tree in the future is this command.This will update the source to the latest revision and, of course, only copy the files that are new or have changed.Here I am going to note the commands you would use to updating the Free BSD source tree using subversion instead of csup.First you will need subversion installed on the system, to do this you can install from the ports or packages.

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