Self injury dating

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Further, people who self injure, typically have a lot of difficulty tolerating their negative emotions without doing something impulsive to try to stop them, and they may have difficulty forming good relationships with others. Thus, they have a lot of emotionality to try to deal with, just because of their biology.This entry may be triggering or difficult to read for some people.Self-injury behavior is something that is more common than many people realize.

The focus of the functional analysis should be on a specific behavior (e.g., wrist-biting) rather than a behavior category (e.g., self-injury). Combining several types of self-injury into one general behavior may make it difficult to determine different reasons for each behavior. For example, if a child engages in wrist-biting and excessive self-scratching, there may be different a reason for each behavior (see Edelson, Taubman and Lovaas, 1983). So, in this way, it can be calming because it validates their sense of the world.Finally, people sometimes self injure because it can take them out of a difficult situation that causes stress. The only treatment that has been shown to be effective in a scientific study is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

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