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Given that the screenshots included on its Steam page make it plain for all to see, I don't feel bad mentioning that Lucy is a ghost girl.

Her interlocutor is the game's main character, and he appears to be just another average Joe who gets home to curl up in bed, only to wake up to the sounds of an "IM" on his computer.

The most common problem that People usually face on social media websites like Facebook is receiving messages or friend requests from strangers which you don’t know.

This functionality was already there in Facebook Messenger that you can chat with strangers, but now Facebook has added a new feature which will help Facebook Messenger users to know details about Stranger that with whom you are chatting.

I guess the reason I speak to strangers is to network, by going to and running events you get to know very useful and interesting people – and the only way to do this is by talking to them.

In business, the ability to small talk with (and get on with) anyone is very useful.

It's her, Lucy, just "a girl" online who wants to chat and possibly watch him play a couple of video games.

What happens is a whole lot of trial and error, which involves more than a few ghastly deaths for our poor protagonist.

Environments are limited to a single bedroom and a handful of outside locations (if you can figure out how to get there in one piece), plus the computer screen where players interact with the mysterious Lucy.

You can interact with several items in the bedroom, from its door and window to the lamp and the bed, and these objects all carry some significance; you'll need to use the radio at one point, and the phone at another, to survive these encounters.

You might wonder why on earth you should speak to strangers in the first place.

I mean after all, we’re taught by our parents never to speak to strangers and the only folks that do seem to be the village idiot and local yokels.

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