What women want online dating profiles

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Dating site users authored 25 million messages, generated 286 million clicks on the site and rated other users' profiles 864 million times.

Males accounted for 62 percent of the messages and initiated 86 percent of the communication.

While you might feel tempted to half-ass it just to drop a hook in the water and hopefully start getting nibbles, avoid the temptation to be lazy.

A growing number of Baby Boomers are turning to online dating sites to make romantic connections.

But how do they choose to describe themselves in their online profiles, and which qualities do they value most in a potential partner?

Maldeniya and colleagues say the successful male dater is the one who optimizes cross-gender similarity, while exhibiting same-gender differentiation.

"Our findings suggest that when males craft their profiles, they should attempt to highlight their perceived similarities with the females they are hoping to attract, while highlighting what they think makes them stand out from the competition," he said.

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