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So this story begins with a friend of mine explaining that the guy she is talking to has asked her to choose a number between 1-30.

But I must applaud its originality because it does beat the usual lines that many people come out with and it would definitely draw a fascinating conversation out of it, with which you could either bond or totally tear apart any real chance.

I suspect that this line would only really work on someone who is willing to be open about such things.

A rather elaborate chat up line where, as you can see, you either choose a nice or dirty choice without realising it.

" Poetically exploring issues such as sexual orientation, pornography, feminist politics, and prostitution, Tisdale moves eloquently from Plato's Symposium and Japanese Ukiyo-e art to Annie Sprinkle and Masters and Johnson. L., Alabama Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. If I had to sum up this book in one word, it would be "deprogramming".Tisdale (The Long Search for Home in the Pacific Northwest, LJ 3/1/93) has written a beautiful book that presents a very personal philosophy and experience with sex.She divides the book into four phases-desire, arousal, climax, and resolution.There are several different “Have You Ever…” questionnaires to choose from: Additional information may be found in article Never Have I Ever Questions and Game Rules Check our Biggest List Of Icebreaker Questions EVER!There are several different ways to share during this activity.

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