Minecraft 1 7 with auto updating is shane sparks dating anyone

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There is also a Join Naruto Server button in the mod If you find any bugs take a screenshot of you can or just send me a message to my planet minecraft account, please don't fill up the comments with bugs you found so send them strait to me and i will read and reply with details about the bug and when I am going to fix it if you want.

Have fun I will try and set up a Wiki soon and put all the crafting recipies and other info there when I make it but for now there are no recepies on here at the moment because they seem to have vanished when I last edited the mod description, I'll add them back as soon as possible!

So, you want to include your mod in the Version Checker list?

It's really easy and takes just a few lines of code!

If a non direct link is given you'll be able to open the page where you can find the update, easy! I have a Patreon page where you can support me with a monthly donation. it works with 1.8.9 (v 1.2.5) I can't find the 1.2.6 version for 1.8.9 full compatibility tho (says error).When I load minecraft games, sometimes it says "there is an updated version for mod X".I go check it and it's for another version of mc..my question here is... Does it have a field to check minecraft versions so that it doesnt download a wrong mod update and break the game?I just downloaded Minecraft 1.7.4 I am having the sticking keys problem, where in game, I just keep running backwards and stuff and can't stop. But when I look up how to update this, I only get answers involving the bin folder in .minecraft.The newer versions of Minecraft don't contain bin folders, so I don't know what to do.

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