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I would think that a blind man would have an easier time dating a woman that would otherwise be unattractive (bad skin, unappealing weight, superficial deformities) but then again, I guess a blind man could also be just as self-concious as a sighted man when it comes to how other people gauge how their date looks.In that same reasoning, are there people that specifically date blind people so they won't feel judged on their looks? I'm reminded of the comic book romance of Ben Grimm to a blind woman.

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is a 2015 French romantic comedy (with subtitles) that asks interesting questions about what matters in a relationship.I haven't really heard of a home for the recently blind, but that is what was on my mind at the time.I did not want to be a burden and did not want to hold her back.Also, a lot of people thought of as "blind" do have some degree of vision, though it might be as limited as seeing light and dark.That guy with a cane and dark glasses might be able to see some details of faces at extremely close range. Oh, and she isn't well endowed either, so cross that off the list.

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