Lactating woman and dating

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Makes me wonder if that Dugger woman has been nursing those 20 kids of hers non-stop.I'm pretty sure there's no correlation and one doesn't even need to have been pregnant to produce milk in the first place.Can't surrogate or adoptive mums produce milk given the stimulation? *All women are different, in any medical question there is a big variation.That said I think it is like a switch that comes with your first pregnancy, it has been two years since my wife was pregnant and she never really breast fed but not due to lack of trying. Mammary glands produce as long as they're asked and able to do so.Cephradine is acceptable to use during breastfeeding. Cephradine and epicillin in body fluids of lactating and pregnant women. You should consult your healthcare provider for breastfeeding advice related to your particular situation. Limited information indicates that maternal doses of oral cephradine up to 2 grams daily produce low levels in milk that are not expected to cause adverse effects in breastfed infants. Primaquine pharmacokinetics have been well characterized in healthy subjects and malaria patients after single and multiple oral dosing.

Is there a limit on how long mothers can produce milk?

Occasionally, disruption of the infant's gastrointestinal flora, resulting in diarrhea or thrush, has been reported with cephalosporins, but these effects have not been adequately evaluated.

Six women were given cephradine 500 mg orally every 6 hours for 9 doses.

Yet if we have sex too frequently my wife starts lactating again(due to sucking). That's a three year-old she's breastfeeding on the cover, and in a pose the photographer put them in rather than the usual half-sitting position breastfeeding toddlers take. You wouldn't expect that it would be possible for a 8 or 10 year old child to breastfeed from mom. If you go to the link I included in my first reply you can see by what mechanism.

She does not feed her child standing up, like a calf and a cow. You wouldn't expect that it would be possible for a 8 or 10 year old child to breastfeed from mom. Men can lactate usually under unusual conditions, but from stimulation alone? Be warned, there are pictures of breasts with babies and toddlers feeding from them at that link.

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